Conquer Can


You made the right choice when you chose to walk toward freedom from sexual sin. We understand the battle, the challenges, and the work you must do to stay the course and help heal your wife and family. The effects of sexual sin doesn’t just destroy your life; it destroys those you love.

We crafted the Conquer Can to help you devise a strategy to help you win! These tools will help you stay the course, be accountable, and guide you on how to help your wife heal.

We’ve designed it all to be simple, practical, and highly effective when you put them it use daily.

Included in your Conquer Can is the:

  • Accountability Tracker
  • The Hero’s Guide to Her Healing
  • 3D (The Three Dailies)
  • The Conquer Scripture Memory Cards
  • Luv Notes “Sweet Kisses” edition
  • Safeguarding Sobriety Journal
  • Safeguarding Sobriety Cards
  • Operation Empathy Cards
  • The Roots of Forgiveness
  • (6) Silicon Conquer Bracelets
  • Stainless Steel Conquer Dog Tag & Chain

You won’t experience just how sweet the victory is until you’ve done the work to reclaim what the enemy has stolen from you. Get the can and battle to reclaim your freedom and your family.



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