Marriage toolkit itemsMarriage toolkit items

Add a Little Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice to your Marriage

Marriage Toolkit

$125 (retail value $250)

Fun & Romantic Couples Card Games

STARTER CARDS is a fun and easy way to get to know your mate better. Sweeten your connection with these fun, inspiring, and juicy conversation starters.

THE MARRIAGE DARE CARDS will show you how to have fun and do something out of the ordinary. Spice up your relationship with one dare challenge a week.

Love Tank

Fill it up, Buttercup

LOVE TANK is an indispensable little book that comes with a fun game to find your mate’s love expression. Learn to express the love that your partner will feel. This set will help you:

  • Discover the 5 agape love expressions
  • Use the game to try the different love expressions
  • Never let your mate’s love tank run dry—ever again
Owner's Manual

365 Days of Marital Bliss

MARRIAGE OWNER’S MANUAL is a quick and easy but powerful tool to fortify your marriage using God’s big instruction book—the Bible. It will challenge you to apply one Bible verse daily for one year, which should grow good fruit in your relationship—lots of it.

52 Date Night Hacks

Date nights are a must for a great marriage. 52 DARINGLY DELIGHTFUL DATE NIGHTS is a clever little book that gives you a smorgasbord of creative and budget-friendly date night ideas, including practical tips to foolproof your plans.

Owner's Manual
Him and Her

Rewire your Brain for Romance

THOUGHTS ABOUT HIM and THOUGHTS ABOUT HER are 14-day marriage journals that will train your brain to think good, lovely, and excellent thoughts towards your spouse. It’s a journal you write to gift your mate, letting them know what they mean to you.

Soooo romantic!

A LUV NOTE a day keeps the grumpies away. This pack of 60 love notes is a great way to creatively surprise your mate with a word of love, admiration, or gratitude.

Luv Notes

Know Your Feelings

Feelings are complicated. The EMOTIONS WHEEL is an essential tool for marriage. Use it to identify and effectively communicate your feelings.

Know your feelings

Master Your Emotions

The ANGER TEMPERATURE GAUGE is a practical book with simple action steps to help you control your anger, so it doesn’t control you.

Master Your Emotions
Marriage Meltdowns

Break the Cycle of Conflict

“You say potato; I say pot-ah-to.” Our personality differences can be an ugly source of conflict, but no need to call the whole thing off. MARRIAGE MELTDOWNS gives you 5 easy steps to use your differences to bring you closer together. Now opposites can attract—not attack.

Marriage Meltdowns

Cultivate Closeness
in One Year

The QUESTION OF THE DAY MARRIAGE JOURNAL is a one-year journal with meaningful daily conversation starters to help you build a deep friendship with each other. The intimacy you develop here translates in the bedroom and all other areas of your marriage.

Marriage First Aid Kit

Time for a Tune-Up

The MARRIAGE FIRST AID KIT will help you:

  • Practice an emergency plan BEFORE a conflict arises
  • Do damage control AFTER a conflict (resolution and healing)
  • Approach a difficult conversation or disagreement
  • Recognize areas of conflict to avoid
  • Know when to abandon a conflict
The toolbox

Keep your Marriage Happy & Healthy

This powerhouse of original marital resources is based on biblical principles. This intimacy arsenal comes packed in a beautiful metal toolbox. Learn to:

  • Build connectedness
  • Strengthen intimacy
  • Develop conflict-resolution skills
  • Discover and develop your love expressions
  • Rewire your brain for romance
  • Manage anger
  • Set and reach marriage goals

Invest in your marriage or gift it to a friend. Marriage is worth it.

$125 (retail value $250)